Questions and answers
Questions and answers

To ensure that your reservation, trip planning and time spent in the destination goes smoothly, we have gathered here frequently asked questions and answers to cover various situations. We advise you to read through this list before contacting our customer service.

Making reservations and ordering additional services

I can’t find a booking calendar on this website. How do I know when a destination is available?

  • Our website does not have a booking calendar. Instead, you will quickly receive reservation statuses by filling the offer request form. Our customer service will send you an offer to the destination of your choosing via email and, if your desired destination is not available at the given time, our customer service will suggest the best alternative.

Can I make a reservation via phone or email?

  • The most convenient way to make a reservation is by filling the offer request form and have our customer service approach you via email within 2 workdays. After you have accepted the offer and paid the prepayment you have received the reservation is confirmed. We do not take in reservations only via phone however, we still offer information and answer questions via phone.

Is it still possible to order additional services after the reservation has been confirmed?

I have ordered a business meeting packet that includes accommodation and dining. When must the exact group size be informed?

  • The exact group size must always be informed 14 days before arrival at the latest. You can inform us by contacting our customer service via email [email protected].

I would like to take my pet with me to the destination. Can pets be brought to Peace and Privacy villas?

  • If you want to bring pets with you, please let us know your need freely when requesting for an offer. We always take a position on the arrival of pets on a case-by-case basis, when you tell us what kind of pets and how many of them would be coming.

Making the reservation payment

Can I make the reservation payment in cash or pay with a card upon arrival?

  • All reservations are payed with a bill sent in advance. Other payment methods are not available. For more information, please refer our terms of booking and payment.

Arriving to the destination

When can we arrive to the destination?

  • Our destinations are available for our guests starting at 2 PM on the arrival day and at 4 PM on Fridays if not agreed otherwise. An earlier arrival can be ordered as an additional service in advance.

How do I get inside? Do I retrieve the keys from somewhere or is someone waiting at the destination to let us in?

  • If any additional services such as guest reception has not been ordered, then our guests will arrive independently. Each destination has key box with code lock. Inside the key box is a single keychain with all the necessary keys to the destination. You will receive the code and the key box location by calling the number +358 (0)20 7300 888 the day before or on the day of arrival between 10 am and 6 pm. Please understand that for security reasons we cannot deliver the code via SMS or email.

What do I do if I notice any deficiencies or flaws in the destination upon arrival?

We have an electric/hybrid car that needs to be charged. Is it possible to charge the car in the destination?

  • Our destinations do not have the option to charge electric vehicles since the electrical wires and fuses have not been designed to handle the load. Therefore, the charging of any electric vehicles is not allowed for safety reasons.

During the stay

The destinations are marketed as “private and peaceful”. What exactly does it mean?

  • There are no neighbours within earshot nor view distance. Our Aulanko Peace and Evo Peace areas have multiple destinations. Also, in Aulanko Peace our destinations are outside earshot from each other. In addition, privacy is enhanced by fences and other view obstructions between buildings.

Is there any staff present during our stay?

  • If our guests have not ordered any additional services (i.e. guest reception, preheated saunas and hot tubs or catering services) then they will enjoy their stay peacefully without the presence of staff. Our customer service will help with any problems from the number +358 (0)20 7300 888.

What cooking equipment is available in the destination? Is there tableware and for how many persons?

  • Standard cooking equipment and tableware is available and has been designed for groups sizes mentioned in the destination’s description.

The destination’s description only mentions TV’s. Are there any speakers available?

  • Our destinations are focused on Peace and Privacy and therefore have no speakers nor any other audio playback systems. However, our guests are welcome to bring their own devices like Bluetooth speakers etc.

I have ordered a hot tub and a wood-heated sauna, and I am going to heat them myself. How do I proceed?

  • There are clear instructions next to the hot tub about filling and heating the hot tub. The sauna has a separate instruction on heating inside the sauna.

Can I use the destination’s firewood for a campfire?

  • Firewood is available to our guests only if they have ordered the wood-heated sauna, the barbeque shelter or the hot tub, or if there is a fireplace in the main building (mentioned in the destination’s description/our offer). You can consult our customer service for any other use for firewood 14 day before arrival at the latest. You can contact our customer service via email [email protected] and by phone +358 (0)20 7300 888.

We want to organize an atmospheric sauna evening. Is it allowed to light up candles outside?

  • Open fires such as candles are not allowed in our destinations for safety reasons. Instead you can bring LED candles and lanterns which do not use fire and use them as intended by the manufacturer.

Can I park a camper or caravan in the destination? Can I set up a tent as an additional accommodation?

  • Yes, if you have informed our customer service during the reservation or 14 days before arrival at the latest. We will charge an extra fee for campers/caravans/tents which depends on the length of stay, group size and possible power consumption of any vehicles. You can contact our customer service via email [email protected] or by calling the number +358 (0)20 7300 888.

Are dishwashing detergents, toilet papers and paper towels included in the price or do I have to bring them with me? What about coffee filters, baking paper and matches?

  • Toilet paper, dishwashing detergent and other cleaning products and equipment are included in the price. Paper towels, coffee filters and baking papers we ask our guests to bring with them if needed. This also applies to fire lighting equipment (matches and lighters).

We’ll need a large space for a dance floor. Can I move furniture?

  • Furniture may be moved as long as it is moved back into place before leaving the destination.

Are there tablecloths or other decorations for the party?

  • The villas do not have tablecloths suitable for festive dining, but can also be rented when ordering a catering service. Our larger villas have a few tall flower vases, but other table decorations are brought in by themselves.

I have reserved a hot tub without preheating. How do I heat it?

  • You’ll find heating instructions within the tub and you can also read them online. To ensure safe use and prevent damage, the instructions must be strictly followed.

Leaving the destination

When must I depart from the destination at the latest?

  • Our gests must depart on the final day by 12 PM if not agreed otherwise. A later departure is available as an additional service.

Must the destination be cleaned before departure?

  • If our guests have not ordered the final clean-up service during reservation or 14 days before arrival at the latest, the cleaning of the destination is our guests’ responsibility. The destination must be in the same state as it was before arriving. Cleaning equipment and detailed cleaning instructions are available in the destination. View final cleaning checklist.

I forgot some of my items in the destination. Is it possible to come back later to collect them?

  • Found items are delivered only by mail and we will charge an extra fee according to our terms of service. Found items are collected from the destination immediately after our guests’ departure when our staff performs a check/final clean-up in the destination before next guests. View detailed information of found goods handling.