Services from shopping to sauna heating
Services from shopping to sauna heating
Additional services for our guests

Picture yourself arriving at a peaceful villa located in the atmospheric wilderness where our staff has prepared and heated the sauna and the hot tub, made beds ready for you and filled the fridge with the groceries you asked for. There might be even fishing rods ready and waiting for you next to the rowing boats by the dock.

We offer these and many other additional services to all of our destinations to make your stay even more enjoyable! Our services include different guided nature tours and physical activities and renting various equipment from granny’s kicksled to SUP-boards and poker tables!

Services are available for both private customers and business customers and can be tailored to your needs. Our services can be adjusted for large and small groups, so please ask for more while requesting an offer. Also, we advise you to ask for additional services beforehand since we cannot always guarantee them with short notice.

Ask for more about additional services and request an offer!

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GUIDED FISHING is available around the year in our destinations. In addition to our guide and guidance you will also receive necessary lend equipment to ensure an effortless and smooth start for the experience. All you need to take with you are your fishing friends and a cheery attitude with hint of healthy competitiveness! You can choose the fishing technique to suit your interest, group size and general preference.

Catering services are available to all destinations filling our customer’s needs. Our catering offers delicious services for small and large groups with anything between conference coffee breaks and full-course dining for wedding parties. You can choose from a pre-set menu or have everything tailored for your needs including special dietary requirements. You are also welcome to prepare your own food in any of our destinations.

Guided tours in nature are a great side activity for our private customers and business customers. Experience the atmospheric wilderness with guided nature strolls, close to nature crafting from natural materials and an introduction to natures different treats in different seasons. On any of our nature tours you can also have a coffee break by the campfire with delicacies such as thin pancakes!

Additional work services include for example the preparation and heating of saunas and hot tubs, grocery delivery and preparations and decorations for events. During wintertime we’ll gladly make an ice rink, and an ice hole for the brave, for a reasonable price!

Activities and relaxation programs include a wide variety of guided activities from fat biking to church boat rowing and relaxation from stick workouts to mindfulness walks. Our programmes are great for bachelor parties, recreational days or as refreshing breaks between or after conferences. It is also possible to combine different activities to suit your needs.

Hiking in nature is possible in all of our destinations with no extra cost. The designated and easy to walk nature trails are marked on a map and available for our customers during snowless or almost snowless periods. Our hiking trails can also be explored with a guide.

Equipment rental offers a diverse selection for all sorts of fun with big or small groups and for any season. Some examples are equipment for different winter and summer sports, workout equipment, fun games and even GPSs for geocaching!

Transportation services are offered to you in collaboration with local taxi and buss companies. Our affordable and reliable transportation can be arranged from your company, your front door, railway station or airport. Taxies for small groups and busses for larger groups. Our local drivers know the area like the back of their hands.

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