Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

1. Registrar
Evo Nature Ltd., Hausjärventie 252, FIN-14200 Turenki, Finland, [email protected]

2. A Registry Officer
Carita Järvinen, [email protected]

3. The name of the registry
Evo Nature Ltd’s Marketing Register.

4. Purpose of processing personal data
The e-mail addresses will be maintained in the register for sending business-related marketing and newsletters.

5. Information content of the register
The register contains customer’s first and last name, email address and company’s name (if available).

6. Regular sources of information
E-mail addresses are mainly provided through the subscription link to the mailing list on offer request information, and websites.

Evo Nature Ltd stores the email address of the booking guests in its marketing register. The company send out product and service newsletters to its customers up to 2 times a month. The customer can opt out of marketing messages at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of your newsletter or by sending an email to registry officer mentioned in point 2.

7. Transfer of data and transfer of data outside the EU
The information will not be forwarded.

8. Principles of registry protection
The e-mail list is only processed electronically and is protected by a password that is only owned by a registry administrator.

9. Right of inspection
The person whose data is stored in the marketing register is entitled to receive all information about him/herself in the register. The request should be addressed to the person responsible for the registry issues mentioned in point 2.

10. Right to request correction of data
A person entered in the register has the right to demand correction of information about himself. The correction request should be addressed to the person responsible for registry matters mentioned in section 2.

11. Other rights related to the processing of personal data
The person registered in the register has the right to request the removal of his or her data by contacting the person in charge of the registry mentioned in point 2.

12. Use of cookies
Evo Nature Ltd., and its partners gather information about their websites using cookies. This information is used to enable services functionality, analyze site usage, optimize user experience, product development and reporting, and target advertising. Users can not be identified by cookies if they are not signed in to the services. By using the pages, the user basically accepts the use of cookies, and he or she can separately block their use from the settings of their own web browser.

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