About us
About us

Evo Nature Ltd., established in 2013, is a rapidly growing travel company from southern Finland that holds unique and high-quality vacation and meeting destinations in the midst of nature as its corner stone. The success and growth come from the entrepreneurs’ 25-year experience in the field. For our international customers we market our destinations under the brand Peace & Privacy.

In 2017, we were able to serve about 14,000 customers for about 22,000 accommodation nights. In 2018, we opened 5 new destinations with true wilderness spirit. Also, these new destinations offer our customers a confident, private and personalized location in the natural environment, according to our strategy. In 2019, we served around 30,000 customers for an estimated 40,000 nights of accommodation.

Currently our customers can choose from 15 unique destinations which all share the exquisite and peaceful location in the nature but are still right next to Finland’s population centre. Our location between Helsinki and Tampere enables us to keep growing with both national and international customers.

All our destinations are located deep in the peaceful nature. They are distinctive and equipped with modern comforts. 5 of our destinations in Hämeenlinna are located in the city’s outskirts in the national scenery of Aulanko and the 7 destinations are located next to the nationally famous outdoor and recreational centre in Evo. Our 3 Loppi destinations are located in the highlands of Häme, Räyskälä known for gorgeous views and clean waters. Our newest destination in Janakkala, Villa Springrock, is opened in June 2020.

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