Fresh energy from the peaceful wilderness
Fresh energy from the peaceful wilderness

Have meetings, seminars, business events and recreational events effortlessly in the peaceful nature without sacrificing modern comforts. Peace & Privacy’s unique, peaceful and multifunctional destinations in Southern Finland from 90 to 150 kilometres from Helsinki offer excellent facilities for organizing successful and unforgettable events around the year. Whether your occasion lasts for a workday, over a night, over weekend or several days, we will provide privacy and any additional services you need.

Relax in sauna or try snowshoeing
After completing the schedule of the day, sealing a deal and folding the laptops back to suitcases there is a good opportunity informal activities and programmes. Some great examples would be ice fishing competitions, nature tours, snowshoeing, fat biking, paddling and relaxing in the sauna and hot tub.

These and many other activities can be combined with various additional programmes. Since no occasion is successful without proper servings our destinations offer high quality kitchens. By your wish our catering service will handle everything from simple conference lunches to atmospheric full-course gourmet dinners. Or you can bring your own ingredients and prepare the food together. That is a great way to spend time in more casual occasions!

For large and small business events
Each of our destinations has a unique personality which ensures there is a perfect destination for your needs. Our multifunctional destinations vary from the Räyskälä Grand Villa that can comfortably handle up to 100-person daytime events to Syväjärvi which is an intimate hideout with excellent fishing opportunities.

We also offer three larger complex consisted of separate villas. So it is possible to accommodate a larger amount of people during a mass conference or other large event. These complexes are Aulanko Peace and Evo Peace in Hämeenlinna and Räyskälä in Loppi.

All our destinations share the same bold and atmospheric wilderness inspired interior decoration. With peaceful location, comfortable accommodation and usability around the year.

All destinations offer basic equipment for business customers such as fast Wi-Fi access, large flat screens that can be used as presentation screens and flipcharts.

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Our destinations in wilderness
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Aulanko Grand Villa is multifunctional facility which enables up to 100-person daytime events and a bit smaller staying business events next to the city centre of Hämeenlinna. Still in your own peace and by the lake Aulangonjärvi. The spacious and boldly atmospheric facilities can easily be transformed to a meeting area, a festive hall or a large and cosy living room. Large terraces, an indoor sauna, a separate lakeside sauna and a game room make sure that you won’t run out activities even after the formal schedule!

100 guests in daytime use 35 bed places

Räyskälä Grand Villa is located in Loppi on the shore of the beautiful lake Kaartjärvi just a one-hour drive away from Helsinki. The multifunctional villa located high on a hill has a beautiful view over the peaceful lake and is well suited for as large as 100-person daytime events and smaller intimate staying events. The spacious villa can be easily rearranged and has 3 saunas to relax, think about sealed deals and plan new ones!

100 guests in daytime use 35 bed places

Räyskälä Lake Apartment is an apartment opening in January 2019 in Loppi’s beautiful lake scenery. The apartment offers great facilities for business meetings, recreational events or customer events! The apartment includes a spacious sauna facility that sits up to 15 guests at a time. This apartment located at the end of Räyskälä Grand Villa is rented separately when the reservation is made 6 weeks at earliest before arrival.

15 guests for daytime use 12 bed places

EVO LAKE APARTMENT is a separate 210 m2 apartment with all modern comforts and a spacious sauna facility located on the 1st floor of Evo Grand Villa. The apartment is suited well for business meetings and recreational events. Evo Lake Apartment is only available for renting as a separate destination when reserved 6 weeks (42 days) before arrival at earliest.

20 guests in daytime use  17 bed places

Aulanko Lake Corner is a multifunctional destination made of 3 separate buildings next to the lake Aulanognjärvi in Hämeenlinna. The Lake Corner can also be used by our business customers as extra accommodation for Grand Villa or Multipurpose Lake Villa, small meeting destination or as a separate peaceful and refreshing destination to work on projects. The Lake Corner also has a sauna, atmospheric decorations and all modern comforts!

12 guests in daytime use 10 bed places

Aulanko Nature Reserve House enables a truly unique way to host meetings or business events, since it’s located in the Aulanko nature reserve area in the middle of the garden forest. The calm destination is excellent for small meetings, customer accommodation or projects that require a peaceful and refreshing environment. Away from the noise and hustle of cityscapes yet close to the city centre of Hämeenlinna. Aulanko Nature Reserve House can also be used as extra accommodation for large events held in our other Aulanko destinations.

20 guests in daytime use 15 bed places

Evo Ruuhijärvi in Hämeenlinna provides festive facilities for your company’s casual meetings or festive occasions. Next to a peaceful wilderness lake, but still just a few hours away from Helsinki. Once built for loggers and woodcutters the multifunctional villa has been renovated for with modern comforts, but the original atmosphere still lives strong. The three saunas and a gorgeous log-built cottage truly add-up to the atmosphere!

60 guests in daytime use 25 bed places

Aulanko Lake Villa was built in late 2017 and is located in Hämeenlinna next to the lake Aulangonjärvi’s national scenery. The villa has bold wilderness inspired decorations and is located on a small bay just a few meters from the shoreline. The nationally famous observation tower looms on the other side of the lake. You can talk business in the cosy living area, in both saunas or perhaps on the near-by Aulanko golf course.

20 guests in daytime use 15 bed places

Evo Grand Villa is a unique multifunction villa in the middle of the famous nature area of Evo in Hämeenlinna. The Evo Peace complex combines peace and modern amenities in a wilderness with a great place for a business meeting, a business party or a gathering of company employees. Around the big forest area no neighbors can be seen on nearby, there is only a deep peace and silence!

60 guests in daytime use 35 bed places

Aulanko Lakeside is a destination to be opened 1stof May in Hämeenlinna just 15 meters from the Lake Aulangonjärvi’s shoreline. In its centre is the brand new 20 bed place multifunctional villa which serves our business customer’s various needs for organizing meetings and recreational events around the year. In addition to the new Villa there are 3 recently renovated buildings. This entirety of 30 bed places serves a diverse group of customers. The buildings in Aulanko Lakeside can be rented as a one entirety of 4 buildings or separately.

30 guests for day-time use 30 bed places

Tavastia Privacy is a multifunction villa combining the peaceful wilderness, old times farm atmosphere and modern comforts to an excellent destination for successful business negotiations, recreational events, or customer conventions. The old farm is located near Hämeenlinna Evo hiking area and has been carefully renovated from the ground up while respecting the original atmosphere. Surrounded by a large and peaceful forest with no sign or sound of any neighbours!

30 visitors in daytime use 20 bed places

Loppi Wilderness Villa located in Räyskälä is a unique and multifunctional octagonal log house like no other that captures the wilderness’ spirit while offering all modern comforts. For small meetings, recreational events, customer events or projects that require a fresh and peaceful environment. The atmospheric lake, nature trails, 2 saunas and hot tubs all right next to the destination and only a one-hour drive away from Helsinki!

20 guests in daytime use 15 bed places

Evo Wilderness Villa is a multifunctional villa hidden in a large forest property, but still close to Finland’s population centre. This atmospheric former logger’s cabin has been equipped with modern comforts, an outdoor sauna and a barbeque shelter forms excellent facilities for planning new projects in small groups or relaxing with customers. The nationally famous Evo hiking area is just a walk away and offers many wilderness inspired activities and programmes.

20 guests in daytime use 15 bed places

Evo Syväjärvi in Hämeenlinna offers the opportunity to rent a private lake to row on with a boat and fish some rainbow trout after a successful meeting. The intimate destination formed from multifunctional small buildings is great for small business meetings and recreational events. Our business customers who once have fallen in love with lake Syväjärvi always want to come back again!

50 guests in daytime use 20 bed places

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