Terms of booking and payment
Terms of booking and payment

All commitments on this website are made between the customer and the seller Evo Nature Ltd. The seller can also be called with the auxiliary business names Peace and Privacy or Peace & Privacy or Evon Luonto Oy in Finnish language.

  1. The destinations’ base price normally includes the use of the following facilities; accommodation, kitchen, bathrooms and a single sauna. With the base price the customer independently retrieves and returns the key to the keycode box and cleans up the destination after use. Additional services such as customer reception, hot tubs, bedsheets, preparations for saunas and hot tubs, various food and meeting services and the final clean-up is always reserved and billed separately with each offer.
  2. The reservation is confirmed from the customers side when the customer accepts the reservation via phone or email. Thereafter, the reservation can no longer be canceled. The customer is required to pay 30% of the whole reservation price when booking.
  3. If the reservation is made less than 6 weeks before the appointed time the customer is required to pay the full reservation price while booking.
  4. The reservation is confirmed from the seller’s side when the customer has payed 30% of the full reservation by the payment date or the full price at once. The remaining 70% must be payed 6 weeks before the beginning of the reservation at the latest. There is no refund when cancelling the reservation.
  5. If the customer does not pay in time the seller has the right to cancel the order without notice.
  6. Notices related to the invoice must be notified within days of the invoice’s date. The billing service charge is 3,50 €/invoice. To avoid misunderstanding, we will deal with issues and remarks on invoices only by email, address info@peaceandprivacy.fi
  7. Customer is to provide valid invoicing address and other invoicing details needed along with the reservation confirmation. If customer wishes to alter the invoicing details after the invoice has been made, we charge a 15 € change fee. If our corporate customers require filling of separate supplier forms and / or additional administrative costs before submitting an invoice, we reserve the right to charge 35 €/hour for these working hours. For paper invoices, we charge 5 € for shipping.
  8. The destination is normally available from 14:00 on the day of arrival to noon on the departure day. Arrival times on Fridays are 16:00.
  9. The group size must be notified when confirming the reservation. If the group size increases from what was agreed upon the customer is obliged to notify the seller.
  10. If the customer has not ordered the final clean-up the customer is responsible clean up by themselves as instructed and takes non-returnable bottles, cans and cardboards with them. View final cleaning checklist.
  11. Even if the customer has ordered the final clean-up the customer is responsible for washing the dishes, disposing any groceries and emptying the hot tub after use. The destination must in a normal condition after the stay.
  12. If the customer has damaged any premises, areas or movables owned by the seller the seller has the right to bill the customer for the repair expenses. The customer is obliged to notify the seller immediately for any caused damage.
  13. If the customer loses the key to the destination the seller has the right to bill the customer for the caused expenses. For opening the door, a sum of 75 € is charged per visit.
  14. Any forgotten belongings will be mailed to the customer by cash on delivery and a sum of 25 € is added to the postal charges.
  15. The seller is not obliged to refund or compensate for any harm or damage caused to the customer by unpredictable force majeures or similar reason (such as natural phenomenon, blackouts, etc.)
  16. In a motorhome or caravan, overnight stays and their use of electricity in the courtyard of Peace & Privacy destinations are permitted provided that the terms and conditions relating thereto are expressly agreed upon at the time of booking.
  17. The charging of electric cars is in principle prohibited. It must be specifically requested for authorization. We charge a one-off charge of € 15 / car for charging electric cars if the electrical system of that destination is rated for charging electric cars.
  18. Burning candles and outdoor folio candles in all areas inside or outside is forbidden for security reasons.
  19. The destinations have been pre-finished with a sand or similar product for anti-slippage. If necessary, the customer shall distribute it to the fairway.
  20. We appreciate if our guests do not bring plastic disposable tableware. They burden the environment and increase the waste load.
  21. Guests are free to bring their own food and beverages to each of our destinations, and use the table- and drinkware for each destination freely or alternatively order prepared meals from the vendor’s catering service according to separate vendor-provided menus. Guest may also choose to use another catering company of they choice, provided that such operator brings they own table- and drinkware and cares for the final cleaning of any premises they use.

We rent our destinations for independent use, but we cladly offer additional services such as catering, programme services and additional work services to make your stay as smooth and memorable as possible. However, the most important thing is the Peace & Privacy our destinations offer.

Since some of our destinations are located in remote locations our staff cannot always check the destinations after every customer. If on your arrival the destination is not cleaned, lacks something or is faulty in any way contact us immediately by calling +358 207 300 888.

The customer is required to bring their own sheets and towels if not ordered separately. The customer is responsible for cleaning during and after the stay if the final clean-up has not been ordered.