Hot tub usage instructions
Hot tub usage instructions
  1. Check that the drain plug or tap is closed before filling the tub.
  2. Insert the water hose between the lid and open the water inlet.
  3. Do not start heating until there is at least half the water. The stove will break if the heating is started earlier.
  4. Light the stove with dry, small pieces of firewood. Add more firewood at regular intervals.
  5. Add water until the water level is about 25 cm from the top of the tub, do not fill any more.
  6. Heating to about 35 degrees usually takes 2 to 5 hours, after which add more firewood as needed. Keep the lid on the tub during heating to heat up much faster and save energy.
  7. You can mix the water from time to time, for example on the brush arm, so that the water is evener.
  8. When you have finished using a tub, open the drain plug. Tub must always be emptied immediately after use.
  9. Do not empty the water until the fire is completely extinguished from the stove.

Enjoy the warmth!

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