Evo Wilderness Barn
Evo Wilderness Barn

Evo Wilderness Barn is atmospheric event space that is located on the edge of the Evo Peace area and is suitable for up to 100 people! Renovated from the old log cabin into a multipurpose event and banqueting space, the Wilderness Barn is suitable for a warm season celebration with direct access to the nature! There is also available a stage for many kind of performances. Watch video presentation of Evo Peace area.

When the benches and tables are in place, there are seats for up to 75 people and standing room for 25 people. Benches and tables can be removed if necessary, allowing up to 100 people to stand. There are also solid benches on the walls. There is a stage at the other end of the room, which is suitable for a festive podium or as a stage for a band of the event!

Since the exterior walls of the Wilderness Barn are not insulated, it is mainly suitable as a event space in the warm season. The space is illuminated with atmospheric ceiling lamps, so the room can also be used in winter as an extension of outdoor events. For example, the space is ideal for running some task of Wilderness Mastery Trial, which is available as additional service for our guests.

The Wilderness Barn is equipped with three-phase electrical connections, which provide enough power for lighting and sound equipment for various events. Natural light in the room is obtained by opening large sliding doors on both sides of the building.

The entire Evo Peace area has a free high-speed wireless internet network, which includes not only villas, gardens and beach areas, but also the Wilderness Barn. In addition to normal web surfing, the wi-fi also allows to organize meetings and seminars in the Barn!

We rent Wilderness Barn as a part of the Evo Peace’s additional service selection. If there are no other guests in the villas at the moment, it is also possible to rent the barn separately. For more information, please contact our customer service by filling out the offer request or by e-mail [email protected].

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