Wilderness Mastery Trial

The Wilderness Mastery Trial puts all girls, boys, men and women to the test. The Wilderness Mastery Trial can be arranged around the year in all our destinations for groups of all kind. The Wilderness Mastery Trial is a great programme for many different occasions from recreational events to bachelor parties.

The competition includes 5 to 7 wilderness and nature related surprise tasks which measure the contestant’s skills in survival and teamwork. The competition is always tailored to suit the group needs, season and area meaning that the competition can be held for example in the destination’s yard or in the nearby forest just a short hike away. Rain and frost aren’t a problem either since most of the tasks can be completed under a roof or completely indoors. In the dark season, the competition takes place in the light of the headlights.

  • Light Trial focuses on the knowledge of natural phenomena, plants and berries. The brain is put to the test and the fingers to work. The trial culminates in a fire task.
  • Medium Trial contest challenges the basic trekking skills and offers small puzzle to solve. All those who go to the terrain must be brought back from there by any means!
  • Pro Trial tests the competitor’s clearance skills in the nature and challenges the participant to solve even the hardships. Action-packed trial requires smart brains and skillful hands.

The Wilderness Mastery Trial consists of teams made from 2 to 4 persons. Depending on the group size the competition will be led by 1 or 2 guides. The schedule and the number of different tasks will be defined according to the group size and available time. The group minimum size is 4 contestants and the maximum size is around 40 contestants.

For equipment proper footwear and outdoor clothing for the weather will suffice. The Wilderness Mastery Trial starts at 35 €/person. The price includes a small reward for the winning team.

Ask for an offer with accommodation quote. You can also contact our customer service info@peaceandprivacy.fi. The trial isorganized by our partner, the Nature Cooperative Wildmind.

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