Guided tours in nature

Guided tours in nature with variable duration and content can be organized in the vicinity of our destinations. What would be a better way to spend recreational days or relaxing weekend vacations with friends than going on a functional guided tour in the peaceful nature and drinking campfire coffee under the trees.

The following examples are ready-made tours, but we encourage you to ask for a tailored tour for your group. All of our guided tours in nature can be combined with catering services from anything between campfire coffee and extensive food menus.

The guided tours in nature in our destinations are provided by our partner Nature Cooperative Wildmind. Ask for an offer by filling the offer request or by contacting us via email [email protected].

Atmospheric Stroll in the Wilderness
Feel refreshed, relaxed and in peace by strolling in the gorgeous national scenery of Tavastia region. This tour organized during snowless periods is great for refreshing minds between or after conferences. In addition to physical activity the tours offer a chance to observe current natural phenomenon, plants, animal footprints and birds.

Also, the interactive nature theatre experience will help you relax and invigorate your senses. The duration is one to three hours depending on the customer’s needs. Good footwear and outdoor clothing that suits the weather will suffice as equipment.

Tour Snacks
There is always a craving for snacks and campfire coffee before, during or after the tour. We can also offer broader wilderness catering services.

  • Campfire coffee and tea. Price 3,50 €.
  • Campfire coffee and tea and coffee bread or salty snack. Price 9,50 €.
  • Campfire coffee and tea and thin campfire pancakes with marmalade. New pancakes will be baked until no-one is hungry, so don’t shy away from second helpings! Price 13,50 €

All our prices are per person and include 14 % taxes. The services will be billed according to the group size placed on the order. We will also factor in special dietary requirements if stated in the order. We reserve the right to change our pricing. Please also note that the services must be booked 14 days prior to arrival. Availability will be confirmed at time of order.

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