Guided Fishing

FISHING is a fun and therapeutic experience in the middle of a beautiful lake scenery. It calms and frees your mind from daily chores, whether you are alone, with friends, or with family.

GUIDED FISHING is available around the year in our destinations. Due to bad weather conditions during late autumn and spring the service is on a break. In addition to our guide and guidance you will also receive necessary lend equipment to ensure an effortless and smooth start for the experience. All you need to take with you are your fishing friends and a cheery attitude with hint of healthy competitiveness! That said, you are also welcome to bring your own fishing equipment. In addition to the natural fish stock in some of our lakes you have chance to catch rainbow trout as well!

You can choose the fishing technique to suit your interest, group size and general preference. The available fishing techniques are traditional angling with a float, tip-up fishing, casting, trolling and ice fishing.

We offer 2 to 3-hour (longer trips can be agreed upon case-by-case) guided fishing trips which include equipment guidance, problem-solving difficult situations, fish-handling guidance and tips for best fishing spots.

We’ll tailor the best fishing experience for you. Here are some pricing examples (the prices include taxes):

    • Basics of fishing, starting from 400 € (max 15 persons) + 15 €/person
    • Basics of fishing and fun-loving fishing competition from 500 € (max 15 persons) + 15 €/person
    • “Fishing’s deeper essence”, experimenting with different target fish or species, baits, lures and methods ranging from 600 € (max 15 persons) + 15 €/person.

Ask for more information about fishing advice at the request for accommodation offer! You can request an offer by filling out the form or by e-mail [email protected]. Please also note that the service must be booked 14 days prior to arrival. Availability will be confirmed at time of order.

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