Equipment rental

We offer a broad variety of equipment up for renting to our destinations with something for everyone for any season. Our equipment rental includes in- and outdoor games, water sports, mountain biking and winter sports. We rent the equipment to our peaceful destinations with our partner Fenix Adventures.

Please note that we only rent equipment for our guests with an accommodation. Ask for an offer by filling the offer request or by contacting us via email [email protected].

Equipment and Prices
Please check availability beforehand and make an order at least 14 days in advance. We will rent the equipment depending on availability. Here is an example catalogue for equipment and day pricing (weekend price in parentheses).

We reserve the right to change our selection and pricing. The price includes required equipment such as life vests and helmets.

  • Sup Boards 40€/day, 70€/wknd
    • Inflatable and hard boards, also for racing.
    • Includes leach, buoyancy vest, paddle.
  • Canoe (2 pers) 40€/day, 70€/wknd
    • Includes: paddles, buoyancy vest and waterproof pocket for phone
  • Giant Canoe (4-8 pers) 100€/day, 160€/wknd
    • Includes: paddles, buoyancy vests, waterproof pocket for a phone.
  • Single Kayak 40€/day, 70€/wknd
    • Includes: paddle, buoyancy vest, spray skirt, waterproof pocket for phone.
    • Models: Dag Mivok ja Dag Tiwok
  • Double Kayak 50€/day, 80€/wknd
    • Includes: paddles, buoyancy vests, spray skirts, a waterproof pocket for phone.
    • Models: Dag Bivok, Star Duo
  • Fatbikes (also for children) 50€/day, 90€/wknd
    • Includes: helmet, hydraulic brakes.
    • Models: Trek Farley, Felt, White
  • Kick Bike 25€/day
    • Includes: helmet
  • Tandem 40€/day
    • Includes: helmet
  • City Bike 25€/day
    • Includes: helmet
    • Model: Tunturi Poni
  • Windsurfer LT 80€/day
    • Only for experienced.
  • Snow Shoes 40€/day, 70€/wknd
    • Includes: poles
  • Tour Skates 20€/day, 35€/wknd, 105€/week
    • Includes: safety equipment
  • OAC Skinbased Skis 50€/day | 70€/wknd
    • Includes: poles
  • Kick Sled / Kick spark 20€/day, 35€/wknd
  • Ice Fishing Equipment 20€/day, 35€/wknd
  • Winter Outfit and Shoes
    • Warm winter outfit 20€/day
    • Shoes 7€/day
    • Gloves 5 €/day
    • Hat 5€/day
  • Trangia Outdoor Cooker 5€/day, 20€/wknd
    • Fluid not included.
  • GPS for Geocaching 20€/day, 35€/wknd
    • Model: Garmin, Etrex 10
  • Nordic Walking Poles 5€/day, 10€/wknd
  • Heart Rate Monitor 15€/day, 20€/wknd
    • Model: Polar FT1
  • Poker Table / Casino Game Table 150€/day, 250€/wknd
    • Includes chips and cards

Terms of Delivery for the Equipment
The rental prices in the list include the import and pick-up of equipment to our Aulanko destinations if the equipment rental is worth more than € 200. For other destinations, a transport fee of 62 € / way is always added to the price.

The prices include taxes.

Rental equipment is rented according to availability. We are unable to make preliminary reservations and the booking will be confirmed by paying the invoice. Rental on site is not possible as rental equipment must be transported to each property in advance.

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