Activities and relaxation

The activities we offer to our destinations are professionally instructed and planned according to time of year including various activities and relaxation from fat biking to snowshoeing and stick workouts to mindfulness walking. Our ready-made activity programmes are great for bachelor parties, company guests, and in between or after conference days. Our programmes are also flexible and can be tailored according to our customer’s needs!

The activities and relaxation to our destination are provided by our partner Fenix Adventures.

Ask for an offer for activity programmes by filling the form or contacting us via email [email protected].

Examples of Activities
The duration of each activity is about one hour. The minimum fee is for 5 persons. The final price of each activity depends on the group size, destination and date. The final price includes organizing, instruction, equipment and a liability insurance for the activity. Please notice that some activities cannot be provided to every destination or on any season. Please also note that the service must be booked 14 days prior to arrival. Availability will be confirmed at time of order.

  • Kick biking on forest roads
  • Fat biking on forest terrain (max 10 persons at a time)
  • SUP-Boarding basics and technique for more advanced
  • Paddling trips with canoes/kayaks
  • Paddling trips with great canoes (max 6–8 persons)
  • Rowing with church boats (max 14 persons per boat)
  • Disc golf (6 basket course)
  • Archery
  • Geocaching
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Snowshoeing
  • Dynamic stretching and relaxation 45 min
  • Foam Roller workout
  • Kettlebell
  • Yoga / Taiji Qigong / Pilates / Chi Flex
  • Stick workout / Office workout / HIIT workout 30 min
  • Forest mindfulness; walk and being present
  • Nordic Walking
  • Functional Training
  • Team Challenge – various fun games in teams
  • Aulanko Adventure – a sporty team competition in garden forest, duration 2 hours.
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