Cancellation protection
Cancellation protection

In connection with the reservation, the customer can optionally purchase cancellation protection issued by Evo Nature Ltd., which costs €50 for reservations worth up to 1,000 euros, €75 for reservations up to 1,500 euros, and €100 for reservations worth more than 2,000 euros.

Cancellation protection can only be applied for very pressing and serious reasons that would prevent the customer from arriving at the destination, such as e.g. covid restrictions imposed by the authorities, martial law or other similar restrictions imposed by the authorities, which would prevent the use of the already paid reservation. The purchase of cancellation insurance must be announced in connection with the booking confirmation, after which it can no longer be purchased.

A customer who has purchased cancellation protection will get their money back in full if the destination booked by the customer was prohibited at the time of the reservation due to restrictions imposed by the authorities or the restrictions imposed by the authorities would prevent arrival at the destination.

Cancellation protection cannot be applied if it is only a recommendation by the authority not to arrive at the rental property, but it must be an express order that prevents the use of the reserved rental property.

If the customer has not purchased cancellation protection, we apply our normal terms of booking and payment.

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