Snowshoe Adventure

In the snowshoe adventure, the guide introduces you to the technique of snowshoeing before a guided snowshoe trip in the heart of winter nature! The snowshoe adventure is a great program combined with a company meeting or with a weekend at some of our villas with a group of friends. Snowshoe adventure can also be combined with Wilderness Meals. Please note that when the snow situation is unsure, the snowshoe adventure can always be switched to the “weatherproof” Wilderness Mastery Trial without any additional compensation.

The duration of the snowshoe adventure is adjusted according to the weather and the customer. At the beginning of the program, the guide introduces the equipment used and illustrates the technology and safety of snowshoeing in the terrain. After that, let’s put snowshoes on and go on a hike! Participants shall bring their own regular outdoor equipment and sturdy winter shoes or boots. The adventure is also possible to arrange after the sunset with the glow of headlamps provided by the organizer.

The snowshoe adventure is suitable for guests of all ages and conditions. The adventure can be combined with a relaxing snack of sausages and juices at the fireplace along the route. Ask for more information when requesting an offer!

Please ask for an offer for a snowshoe adventure with an accommodation offer request by filling out a request form. You can also contact our customer service by e-mail [email protected]. Please note that the service must be booked 14 days before arrival. We confirm availability at the time of ordering.

The snowshoe adventure is organized by our partner Nature Cooperative Wildmind.

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