Guided Archery Competition

Guided Archery Competition can be held at any of our locations throughout the year! The activity, which lasts about 1–1.5 hours, is suitable for participants of almost all ages from about 10–12 years of age upwards. The race is shot with easy-to-use 20-pound bows and carbon fiber arrows. In the race, participants are divided into 2 teams that shoot at two boards.

Before the Competition guide briefly introduces the history of archery and archery and arrow terminology, and introduces participants to proper shooting techniques. The competition begins with a practice round to get familiar with the bow and arrows. The competition starts with a distance of 10 meters, and the superiority of the teams can be decided by moving to a distance of 18 meters, which is the shortest official distance in archery competitions. Depending on the participants’ willingness, several rounds of the competition can be held, and free shooting can be continued after the competition.

Recommended group size of the archery competition is 4 to 16 participants in total and 2 to 8 shooters per team. If there are more participants, several competitions can be held for groups of 16 participants.

The archery competition can also be combined with other program services, or it can be considered abbreviated as one of the special checkpoints of the Wilderness Mastery Trial. The competition can also be combined with catering services, such as Wilderness Meal.

REQUEST AN OFFER for an Archery Competition when requesting an accommodation offer by filling out the offer request form. You can also contact our customer service by email [email protected]. Please note that the service must be booked 14 days before arrival. We confirm availability at the time of ordering.

The archery competition is organized by our partner Nature Cooperative Wildmind.

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