Instructions for our guests
Instructions for our guests

This page contains guest instructions for Peace and Privacy accommodation. You can also find answers to the most common questions on our FAQ page. Please also note the terms and restrictions in our payment and booking conditions.

Welcome to the Peace and Privacy!

Arrival Instructions

All of our destinations are, in principle, equipped for self-arrival and departure, so the reception of staff must be ordered separately as an additional service.

In all of our destinations, the key can be found in the key box. You will receive the keybox location and the opening code by calling at our customer service number +358 (0)20 7300 888 the day before or on the day of arrival between 10 am and 6 pm. The key code is only handed over to the person who made the reservation. Please note that the key code is only provided by phone, not by email or text message. The call must come from the phone number that was given at the time of booking.

Aulanko Peace destinations (Aulanko Lake Hide-out, Aulanko Lakeside, Aulanko Grand Villa and Aulanko Lake Villa) are located at Aulangon-Heikkilän tie 168, FIN-13900 Hämeenlinna.

Evo Peace destinations (Evo Grand Villa, Evo Lake Apartment, Evo Twin, Evon Lakeside Villa and Evo Hunt House) are located at Kaitalammintie 75, FIN-16970 Hämeenlinna.

Evo Ruuhijärvi is located at Ruuhijärventie 137, FIN-16970 Hämeenlinna.

Evo Syväjärvi is located at Syväjärventie 127, FIN-16900 Hämeenlinna.

Evo Wilderness Villa is located at Niemisjärventie 459, FIN-16900 Hämeenlinna. Please note that the navigator often gives the wrong route, so we ask you to follow the linked directions.

Tavastia Privacy is located at Kirvesniemi 72, FIN-16900 Hämeenlinna.

Loppi Wilderness Villa is located at Räyskäläntie 830, FIN-12820 Loppi. The driveway has a lockable gate about 50 meters from the main building. If the port is locked, the key must be retrieved from the key box to open the gate.

Villa Springrock is located at Haukankalliontie 194, FIN-12380 Janakkala.

Räyskälä Grand Villa and Lake Apartment are located at Räyskäläntie 670, FIN-12820 Loppi.

Final cleaning checklist

If you have not ordered our final cleaning, please note the list below to facilitate your cleaning. By cleaning in this order, you will save time. Please do the cleaning carefully so that the next guests will have clean places when they come. Thank you!

Please remember to do the dishes you use and take the groceries you bring with you or litter, even if you have ordered the final cleaning as an extra service.

    1. Wash the dishes you have used and put them back in the cupboards.
    2. Empty the food in the refrigerator and check that the sink, stove, oven, refrigerator and microwave are clean.
    3. Wipe kitchen countertops and tables.
    4. Empty the trash and take the trash to the trash bin outside.
  1. If you have ordered linen from us, put the used linen in the garbage bags found in the lower cabinet of the sink and leave them in the hallway. Leave pillows and blankets neatly on the beds.
  2. If you have moved furniture, move it back to its place.
  3. Sweep or vacuum the floors and use a damp mop to wipe off any stains and spills.
  4. Also clean the toilets as well as washrooms and saunas you have used.
  5. Empty and rinse hot tubs if you have used them. Please also refer hot tub usage instructions above.
  6. Please also clean your litter from the yard.
  7. Take empty bottles, cans and cardboard as you leave.
  8. Before leaving, make sure the windows are securely closed, lock the doors carefully, and return the keys to the key box.

Please leave the premises in the condition you would like them to be when you come back. 

NOTE: If the customer has not ordered final cleaning and has not performed final cleaning according to the final cleaning checklist, we reserve the right to charge triple the final cleaning price.

Hot tub usage instructions

  1. Check that the drain plug or tap is closed before filling the tub.
  2. Insert the water hose between the lid and open the water inlet.
  3. Do not start heating until there is at least half the water. The stove will break if the heating is started earlier.
  4. Light the stove with dry, small pieces of firewood. Add more firewood at regular intervals.
  5. Add water until the water level is about 25 cm from the top of the tub, do not fill any more.
  6. Heating to about 35 degrees usually takes 2 to 5 hours, after which add more firewood as needed. Keep the lid on the tub during heating to heat up much faster and save energy.
  7. You can mix the water from time to time, for example on the brush arm, so that the water is evener.
  8. When you have finished using a tub, open the drain plug. Tub must always be emptied immediately after use.
  9. Do not empty the water until the fire is completely extinguished from the stove.

Enjoy the warmth!

Use of open fireplaces

The use of open fireplaces is allowed when the terrain and grass fire warning is not valid in the area. We ask you to check the current warning situation on the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Found goods inquiries

We do not handle issues related to found goods over the phone. Items left at the accommodation will be delivered to the customer by post. Handling and postage costs of 45 euros will be charged for the return, regardless of the value of the returned goods. With the said compensation of 45 euros, we will transport the found items to the post office, pack them and pay the postage. It is not possible to pick up found goods from the accommodation afterwards, but all goods will be returned to the customer by post. The customer must report the identifying marks of the forgotten goods and the return address in writing by e-mail to [email protected].

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